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Strength In Unity (2021)

Medium: Digital Size: 24x30 in Location: Houston, TX

Bob Marley (3 Little Birds)

Location: Houston, TX Date: 10/29/21 Time: 25h-17m A reminder to be at peace with yourself

Cry Me A River

Location Tallahassee, FL Date: 9.13.21 Time: 23h-26m This painting is meant to inspire greatness through hardship nothing in life is perfect but as long as you find a way to move forward with humility everything will work itself out as long as we allow ourselves to express emotions. We are not robots

The Last Straw (Remastered)

Location: Tallahassee, FL Date: 8.22.21 This piece represents the effect 2020 had on every black person on a worldwide scale. We can only hope there will be an end to injustice but never forget.

Self Pride

Location: Tallahassee, FL Date: 9.9.21 Time: 18h-28m This painting was created as a reminder to world that black women aren't just categorized by one word they are everything.

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